We woke up in the morning to find the rain that had been predicted. We knew leaving Sault Ste Marie that it would rain for much of our trip south. We headed out after we let freighter traffic clear the waterway near the locks. We buddy boated with a freighter called American Century. She's 305 meters by 32 meters with a draft of 28.2 feet. She was HUGE! Our AIS system told us that she was coming from Saint Claire, Minnesota. We traveled behind her for about an hour and then passed her. Just as we passed her the river widened and the wind and waves kicked up. It was a rocky wet ride. We wore our lifejackets as security blankets and held on tight. We rode that way for about and hour, maybe more, until the river narrowed again and we had protection from the land closing in on both sides. We were happy to finally reach DeTour Village but found strong current as we tried to dock the boat. We made a second attempt at the slip and were thrilled to have help from the dock staff who caught lines and pulled us in.

The best part of our time in DeTour Village was meeting Tracy and Darryl from Little Blue T, a 29 foot Ranger Tug. They boarded our boat to check it out and then invited us to board their boat. We shared a Canadian Clemato drink, like a bloody mary, and Tony shared a wind website that he uses. We made plans to head out in the morning together.