We returned to the boat at the Atlantic Yacht Basin on Sunday after a slightly delayed flight. We provisioned at the Kroger the next morning before moving the boat to Waterside Marina for the AGLCA Spring Rendezvous. To get to Waterside, we needed to have the Great Bridge lifted for us to get to the Great Lock that would take us down 8 feet to the Elizabeth River. We passed the naval shipyards busy repairing and building ships. We saw the ferry that we'd taken from Portsmoth to Norfolk working that morning. We arrived at Waterside, nearly the last boat to check in for the AGLCA Rendezvous. We got settled in next to Green Eyes, a beautiful 37 foot Back Cove, and Sojourn. We were reunited with our buddy boat for a few days.

The AGLCA Rendezvous was a wonderful 3 and a half days of learning and part reunion and reconnecting with Loopers friends. Some of the highlights - Dave and Claudia Fuller, Peter and Cheryl from Valabania, getting to know Compass Rose (Joyce and Tsali) and Rio and Angie, seeing Jackpot (Joanne and Jack), Robert and Kay Creech, and learning more about the upcoming routes. We are so excited about the journey that is yet to come!

As the Rendezvous came to a close, we studied the weather closely. The winds made a Friday morning departure questionable. With most captains deciding that the weather looked favorable, but likely not for long, we decided to skip Deltaville and head to Crisfield. Departure was set for first light, around 6am on Friday!