First impressions aren't always accurate! That's how it was with Belhaven! The first afternoon/evening that we walked around the town, we weren't sure what we were going to do for the next few days! We went to dinner with Sojourn, and the crew of Maggie Jo, Angie and Tom. The town appeared to be deserted! Even the one and only museum of odd and peculiar things was closed down for renovations! The next morning, Tony and I were up early to take a walk and still things appeared dismal. It wasn't until we set out in the early afternoon that we discovered shops and a bakery. Even though several shops were closed, we found a lovely art gallery, a stitching store, and that yummy bakery! We also enjoyed dinner at Spoon River with a group of boaters. Spoon River is a much talked about restaurant among Loopers, possibly one fo the best restaurants on the Loop some say. It was lovely and delicious. We liked the little marina and its close proximity to town, the free laundry, and the nicely (overly) decorated bathrooms.