We seemed to have really stirred up the dolphins on this day! Lots of them swimming in our wakes, our boat and other boaters traveling with us. We traveled with SLO Dancer from Sarasot to Boca (Annie and Gary) and met Blue Thunder (Elise and Dave, aunt and uncle to SnowWolf, TikTok icon) along the way. We arrived on Thursday to spend two days on Gasparilla Island. The whole island spans 7 miles and about 6 blocks. The marina was located at the southern end near town, the lighthouse and public beaches. The Gasparilla Inn and golf course is also located on this end of the island. It's a possible destination for us in the future. We enjoyed exploring the southern part of the island on foot, though we contemplated renting a golf cart or bikes. The shells on the beach were plentiful and the water refreshing on the hot day and so clear and beautiful. We reconnected with Gus and Ruthie. Gus is a Wilmington College alumni who we first met at Pickwick State Park in Kentucky and now in Boca Grande in Florida. Their boat is named Worthy.