We got up early to get the boat to Desmasdon for routine service where we met Ted Slumskie at Desmasdon and talked to him about where we'd move the boat after the service work would be completed. Ted offered for us to move the boat to his house where an empty dock with electric waited for us. We were blown away by his kindness!

First, Sandi and Jim picked us up on the cool sunny morning and took us to Parry Sound for shopping, sightseeing and lunch. We had not stopped in Parry Sound with the boat, so it was fun to see it via land. They took us to a brewery and then to some stores, including provisioning at Walmart. When we returned to the boat a few hours later, the service work had been completed and Ted hopped aboard and directed us to his house where we'd leave the boat. Sandi and Jim met us there. It was a lovely home in a remote spot along the Georgian Bay. Ted had his own trawler parked at a dock, Intrigued I, hailing from Owen Sound. We left with Jim and Sandi to spend a few days at their cottage on the Georgian Bay.

We parked their truck along the road near some buildings that turned out to be boat garages. They had a small run about boat that took us, our packed bags and groceries to their cottage across the way. We arrived at their dock tucked in behind their home. Walking up the lane to the house, we were surrounded by pine trees where small painted bird houses greeted us along the path to a lovely garden with summer flowers in bloom. An Ohio State flag waved proudly above the cottage. And the cottage itself was so lovely, sandwiched between a front porch overlooking the water and the back deck overlooking a cove. It was breathtaking! When we stepped inside, we were greeted by Pepper and Mocha, their miniature schnauzers. The cabin had beautiful wood floors and beautiful pine walls and lovely space for us to gather and share stories and food. We had a lovely time there at the cabin with Sandi and Jim. Here are the lovely memories that we shared those days -

  • Washing our sheets and hanging them outside to dry in the warm sunshine
  • Drinking gin and tonics on the front porch
  • Drinking wine on the back deck and front porch
  • Kayaking and fishing
  • Cutting Tony's hair for the first time
  • Watching humming birds
  • Relaxing
  • Enjoying good food and friendship!

Sandi and Jim took us back to Ted's house. We were so grateful for everyone's hospitality and kindness! We left the dock and headed back on the loop!