We didn't plan to stop at Cudjoe Key, and we didn't plan on the waves and wind being so rough on Saturday as we headed out from our month layover at Stock Island for Marathon. The short journey involved crab pots and high seas. After about two hours of waves over the bow and sometimes over the top of the boat, we decided to duck into the nearest marina and found Cudjoe Garden Marina. Nick was there to greet us and provide us a space along the dock (with water and electric) until the seas calm. We'll likely be here until Monday morning and make a run up past marathon to the upper keys. After drying out and de-salting the exterior of the boat, we headed to the bus stop on Saturday afternoon. A kind young boater from the marina gave us a ride to the bus stop. We hopped on the bus and traveled to Marathon to a looper gathering, Sunset Celebration at Banana Bay. Our potluck item was almonds! We went with Amanda and Bob from Snipers Hide and met Felicia and Nelson Evans from Toledo there along with a few other loopers that we'd met along the way - Wishes, Our PasTime, Alabania, Sadoka - and we met a few new loopers too. After a long wait at the bus stop, we were able to catch the last bus home with a short walk to the marina.

Sunday morning we woke up at Cudjoe Garden to steady drizzling rain. We slept late, got up and did a few boat chores and then Karen made blueberry pancakes again. It's becoming a favorite of ours. Karen made hardboiled eggs for later and then we settled into some trip planning. As the rain let up, we went out exploring on a walk down the local neighborhood streets. We topped the day off with Skyline chili spaghetti for dinner.

Monday morning, Tony was up before the sun to take his first transom shower on the back deck of the boat. It worked out well for him with warm water, shampoo, and a bar of soap. Then it was time to head off to our next stop along the journey north!