We left John Pennekamp early in the morning. We traveled through narrow passageways through the ICW as well as across larger bays most of the day before entering Biscayne Bay. At times, the current was surprisingly swift along the way. We saw dolphins swimming along with us early in the morning. Throughout the early part of the trip, we encountered several bridges that were low, but we were able to pass under with no problem. As we entered the large Biscayne Bay, we continued to monitor the wind and wave speeds and heights. It was a beautiful sunny day on the water. On the VHF radio, we talked with a few boats, Salty and Currently, a 29 foot Ranger Tug. We'd selected a marina in south Miami and again met Bruce and Maggie, the crew of Currently, a 29 foot Ranger Tug. We had drinks and snacks with them at a picnic table near the marina and learned that they'd started their loop in Chattanooga in January, coming down the river with the snowflakes. We left early in the morning to get a jump on Miami boat traffic.