When we arrived at Fort Myers Beach at Pink Shell Marina, it felt like we were on the beach vacation that we have never taken! The white sandy beach and the upper 70s temperatures are perfect for walks anytime during the day. Estero Island is 7 miles long and easy to walk. We've enjoyed the beach and the pool and the easy access to downtown restaurants and shops.

Tony met a new friend, of course! His Cincinnati Reds shirt seems to always attract interest from other travelers, usually expressed as, "Are you from Cincinnati?" And now, twice, the conversation has led to meeting a Wilmington College Alumni. We met Brad Chaffin and his wife, a lovely couple living in Northern KY. Brad is a 1981 grad from Wilmington College who had roommates from Blanchester, well-known by Tony. The two had lots to talk about and have plans to golf in the future when we return to the Cincinnati area.

We also enjoyed time with Greg and Ruthie and Zane and Vickie who made the trip over to Fort Myers Beach for dinner at an outdoor table at Doc Ford's. Greg and Ruthie also helped us out by taking a few things off the boat and agreeing to drive them home to Ohio since we weren't using them, freeing up storage space on our small boat.