It was our first day on the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway! We left early, after the morning rain, from Iuka, Mississippi to travel 59.2 miles in 7.1 hours using 25.5 gallons of gas to get through 3 locks to Fulton, Mississippi. We wound our way through the skinny waters of the northern Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway. It was possibly the most beautiful day of traveling so far! At this we have 900+ miles and 300+ hours under our keel! We were in the 3 locks with a rockstar looper boat and her crew - Here's to Us from What Yacht to Do with Sam and Rev! We ended up overnight at the same marina, and we invited ourselves over to take a photo with them. We were a bit starstruck! They were the nicest people and had so much to share about their first and now second time around the loop. We enjoyed meeting them and talking with them so much!

We stayed 3 nights in Fulton, Mississippi. The first day we were there we did some trip planning and were invited to eat dinner with new friends Katie and Kent and their two girls Ruby and Violet on their boat Silver Linings. Their dog Raft was there too! It was a delicious dinner! The the next day, we borrowed the red courtesy truck (it was a bit rough!) to head to Walmart, the post office, and a few other spots, including Peppertown Restaurant for breakfast! The restaurant had great charm and reminded us that we should never judge a restaurant by what it looks like. The biscuits, fresh out of the oven, and gravy were hot like Tony likes them and were topped off with a small serving of peach cobbler, also fresh out of the oven! Then we came back and washed the boat. Afterwards, Karen left for a walk on the Underground Railroad bike trail and geocaching with the crew from Silver Linings. On the last night, a group of loopers gathered around a bonfire sharing stories of their travels and making plans to leave early the next day. A group of us moved our gathering up to the restaurant, Guy's Place, for dinner. It rained overnight.