We left Mel's Riverdock Restaurant after breakfast and after the fog had lifted, around 9:30, with Blondie. We'd rafted to Blondie overnight. We traveled the short distance to Grafton where we met Smile with the Rising Sun and Charmed. We were also greeted by Bobby and Joyce Mullins, family friends and childhood school mates of Tony's dad. They picked us up at the marina and took us to the Pere Marquette Lodge for lunch. We enjoyed sharing stories from our adventures with them. They also took us to the grocery store and drove us through a cute area called Elsha. As they dropped us back off at the marina, Joyce sent us away with sweet rolls and a hug. We smiled as we remembered that Bobby and Joyce had been our first visitors soon after we'd arrived at Green Turtle Bay at the start of our loop. And they will likely be our last visitors too.

We spent that night on the boat checking things off of our list of things to do as we prepared to end our loop and get busy with family and friends back home. The next day, we slept in a bit and started laundry as we got up. We enjoyed one of Joyce's sweet rolls for breakfast! We washed the boat and made plans for the afternoon with other Loopers.

We met Bob and Mary Kay from Pilar and Bill and Sue from Blondie at the Aerial chair lift and took the lift up the mountain to the lodge and lookout. We hiked to the lookout and then met Jill and Joel from Smile with the Rising Sun and Mary and Mike from Charmed at the lodge restaurant for some wine and conversation in the sun.

After we ventured down the chair lift, Tony and I wandered around the town a bit. Later that evening, we met back up with Sue and Bill for dinner at the Oyster Bar restaurant at the marina. Bob and Mary Kay joined us for a drink.