WOW! What a great day! It was a day of firsts!

  • First time to travel before daylight in order to avoid delays due to barge traffic getting through two locks, Wilson Lock and Joe Wheeler Lock.
  • First time to set the anchor in a cove with plans to anchor out overnight tonight with another looper couple, Henry and Diane on Dee Dee, in the same cove. It's a safe first anchorage, with Joe Wheeler State Park in sight just across the river with a courtesy dock that we could always hook up to in the middle of the night if need be.
  • First time to swim in the Tennessee River! Karen relaxed and cooled off cause the sun was HOT! And Tony took a rag around the boat and washed the boat at the water line. He's not much for relaxing! Always thinking about the next task to get done!
  • First time to relax (Karen) for the afternoon on the bow of the boat in the bow seat.
  • First time to set the anchor alarm just in case!

We were in another "floatilla" with four other boats - Dee Dee, Checkers (70 foot HUGE boat), J.A.D.I.P. (Just Another Day in Paradise), and Irish Hurricane. Tony has an anchor alarm set for tonight! Fingers crossed! Prayers! And wish us luck! We'll be in this area for a few days and will share updates!