What a lovely safe spot to tie up after traveling down the Mississippi River passing barges, grain operations, and the changing leaves. We continue to find the sandy beaches of the Mississippi as evidence of the draught situation that the river is in. During the cruise, I worked on making chili, rolls and apple cake for the potluck meal we would share as a group on the lock wall. We indeed found Ella and Fear Knot tied up to the lock wall when we arrived. We slipped in behind Blondie at the end of the dock. Kitty on Fear Knot offered their upper deck for the potluck. There would be 12 of us and we all fit nicely! Ella, Fear Knot, Prime Interest, Blondie, It's About Time, and Long Recess. We enjoyed salad, salmon patties, chili, rolls, chips, and meatballs. My apple pie wasn't done in time, but we enjoyed that later with Bill and Sue on Blondie, which they gave us a tour of.

Also tied up to the lock wall for the night were late coming boats - Olivia, Water Lily, and Greta Lynn.