Today we headed back to the ICW from the St. John's River. The ICW in this area of northern Florida into southern Georgia was narrow, less populated, and dotted with shallow areas, grassy swamp land, low tides with muddy banks, and flying gulls with black caps for diving in our wake for the small fish that we must have churned up. We reached the marina and washed the boat before heading out to explore in the courtesy car. We went to explore the historic downtown area and ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant, and then to the beach for a sunset stroll. The next day we walked to Captain Jack's for a yummy BBQ lunch. We met the crew of Bad Rep, Rep and Karen, fellow loopers also staying at the same marina. Then we took the courtesy car to run errands, go the boneyard beach to see the driftwood collected there, then to the oldest bar in Florida for pirate's punch for Karen (and another watermelon sorbet for Tony!), and then back to the boat. We left the next morning at dawn.