We'd originally planned to start the Trent Severn at Lock #1 and go through Lock #6 to Frankford and stay overnight on the lock wall. We locked through the locks rafted to a bigger boat called Next Chapter who was traveling with a boat called Stress Release. We were locked through with them in the first lockage of the day and stayed with them through all of the locks. All 12 of them! With the prediction of storms and severe weather on Sunday, we decided to skip Frankford and head to Campbellford, our next scheduled stop, and stay 2 nights, instead of trying to travel on the stormy day and instead of being stuck on the lock wall during a storm. In Campbellford, we met up with Tinn again! They invited us to share dinner with them that night.

The next day, Tony and I woke early and went for a walk to a suspension bridge along the canal trail. The prediction for rain was pushed for later in the day and would continue to be pushed later in the day and result in a few drizzles and not much rain at all until overnight. We walked to a great lunch spot and then to the small theater in the center of town to see the Elvis movie. Most of the shops were closed by the time we'd arrive on Saturday and remained closed on Sunday and Monday. We missed the famous Canadian bakery! We continue to look for butter tarts wherever we go.