We were not disappointed with our quiet stay at Lovesick Island at the top of Lock #30. What a quiet remote peaceful spot. We met Donna and Robert, Canadians on Summer Quarters, and Ken and Kathy from Nice Goin. We realized that we'd both been tied up at Stock Island Key West in February and that Kathy and I had done some yoga together there. We'd not made the connection that they were gold loopers or that we were on the loop.

Tony and I took a short walk in the woods over the dam wall, passed some bear scat to a spot at the water that had been constructed as a whirlpool of sorts with found rocks. Tony did some walking in the water before we headed back to the boat to rest and relax. We made hotdogs on the grill and corn on the cob for dinner.

Kathy invited us to join them at the lower wall on the lock for a bonfire with the Canadians that they'd met down there. We had a great time sitting around the bonfire telling stories and laughing. The Canadians shared butter tarts that they had on board and s'mores.

We went back to the boat after dark and found the sky to be lit up with stars. You could see a galaxy far far away! It was brilliant! Karen sat on the bow of the boat gazing up while Tony listened to a Reds win in extra innings.