We set out this morning in search of just one more Great Lake to add to our list of waterways! We dipped the bow of the boat into a choppy Lake Superior around 2pm after traversing through the Candian Sault Lock. We were the show for the tour boat that locked through with us. We think that there are photos and videos of us on about 30 different cell phones in the area. On the way back through to return to Lake Huron, we traversed through the US Sault MacArthur Lock. We headed to our slip at Robert Bondar Marina, named after Canada's first female astronaut.

We can now say that we've traversed four of the Great Lakes in our boat, starting with Lake Erie last summer, then Lake Ontario at the end of the Rideau Canal, then Lake Huron at the end of the Trent Severn Waterway, and now Lake Superior. We plan to go travel through Lake Michigan on the way home.