We left our anchorage early in the morning to continue our journey that would lead us back to the Ohio River where we'd started our loop. We left the shallow waters of the Mississippi and entered the deeper Ohio River. We arrived in Paducah in the middle of the afternoon, eager to reunite with Lisbeth and Huibert aboard the Tinn! We were still traveling with Blondie, but there was no more room on the outside wall at the Paducah docks. Blondie was hesitant to try getting into the remaining spot on the inside dock near us and opted to anchor out that night instead. We both planned to cross our wakes together the next day as we would arrive at Green Turtle Bay together. Once reunited with Tinn, we spent time wandering around Paducah and the National Quilt Museum. We spent the evening on the dock with all of the other loopers, sharing stories and making plans for departure the next morning.