We spent most of the weekend provisioning with Jack and Vickie. They still had their truck so we really got around - West Marine, Ace Hardware, Publix, CVS, and anywhere that we really wanted to go...including McDonald's for Tony's iced tea, and Circle K for Jack's soda with crushed ice. We also got caught up on laundry.

On Saturday Tony and Jack put the boat into storage and then Saturday night, we grilled hamburgers and made fries for dinner for Jack and Vickie. They shared a bottle of wine with us. We ate around the pool.

Karen went for a 3 mile run on Sunday morning and then we enjoyed breakfast with Jack and Vickie at Crackers, a somewhat well-known Jacksonville favorite. Then we walked to West Marine and Odd Lots for last minute items for the trip. On Sunday evening, we met at the pool for docktails with Kim Russo, the AGLCA Director and her partner Michael from Curtis Stokes, they are the crew onboard The Perch with their parrot. We were also joined by the crew of Betty Gail (Roger and Chris) and Sojourn (Jack and Vickie).