We arrived in Racine early afternoon on Monday with plans to stay one or two nights. We ended up being here five nights due to wind and waves on Lake Michigan. Gary and Mary left on Tuesday for Chicago and made it as far as Waukegan and then Chicago the next day. We remained stuck in Racine with Pam and Vince on RAMBLR, and made the most of it! We wandered around the town and stopped in shops, including the S.E. Johnson headquarters. We spent several afternoons at a local pup called Marci's. On the last night we met Marci and her son who is now a bartender in the bar. Tony enjoyed her game of pull tabs for half price drinks and $1 drinks. The last night, we were given time cards to punch to win prizes! We'll have to come back!

We got a Lyft ride to Kenosha and visited the Civil War Museum that focuses on the role of the newest part of the United States at that time, the Northwest Territory, in the war. It was really interesting being from Ohio. There was a special exhibit all about Ohio. We also spent time exploring downtown Kenosha. We road the electric streetcar that dates back to 1903.

Back in Racine, we enjoyed gelato, dinner at the Racine Yacht Club, coupons from the marina welcome packet to local establishments for beverages, yoga in the park near the marina, breakfast aboard RAMBLR, breakfast at Mable Table, and a Kringle from the OH Bakery.