We arrived in Sturgeon Bay on a cool rainy day around 10am. We put the enclosure down over the cockpit, knowing it would rain over the next few days while we stayed in Sturgeon Bay. We set off for the lounge area to make chili in the kitchenette. We invited Volare and RAMBLR to join, along with Pete and Cheryl on Varlabania. We had plans to watch college football on the big screen TV in the lounge. We were surprised when Pete and Cheryl showed up for our chili lunch in the boaters' lounge, launching three days with them and reconnecting after they'd finished their loop. After chili and some college football, we headed out to the local pub, Poh's Corner, a short walk away. We were joined by Vince and Pam and eventually Gary and Mary. Then we headed to the local Irish pub for dinner together.

The next day, Sunday, we'd made plans for the boys to go to West Marine with Pete while Cheryl took us to the grocery store and pharmacy. We all ended up back at the boaters' lounge at the marina for Bengals and Packer football games. Pam and Vince joined us along with Mary and Gary.

On Monday morning, we made plans to go to tour the Packer's stadium in the morning with Mary and Gary. Pam and Vince volunteered to take care of Ridley, the dog on Volare, throughout the day while we were gone. We also went to the Packer Hall of Fame and then met Pete and Cheryl for lunch at the iconic Krohls West right across the street from the stadium. Tony had one of his favorites, spaghetti and chili with onions and cheese. After lunch, we stopped at the Kohler hotel next to the stadium just to check it out. We returned to the marina and found Vince and Pam and had leftovers in the boaters' lounge with Pete and Cheryl one last time since we had plans to leave right after pumpouts the next morning.

We had breakfast with Vince and Pam the next day and then went back for a pumpout and promptly left for Manitowoc. While at the marina, we also enjoyed the hot tub one evening with our friends.