We set off at 9:15 with the first passing through of the locks at Merrickville. We went up in the 3 locks with Tinn and another boat. We continued on the shallow and winding path that took us through Smith Falls where we saw Beth and Mike from Amy Marie watching us lock through. Then we passed through a few more locks before deciding to stop here for the night. We had time to rest before dinner.

Tony and I started out on a walk to town, believing it to only be 15-20 minute walk. We realized early in the journey that it would be over an hour before we reached town and had turned around to walk back to the boat when Julie, one of the lock attendants arrived offering her car for us to use instead of taking the long walk. We happily accepted and took her back to the lock before making a quick trip to Walmart for more icy pops and mailing postcards.

We returned to the boat for a short rest, a visit with Hubert and Lisbeth, and dinner preparations for a shared dinner with Hubert and Lisbeth on Tinn. It was a lovely evening in a beautiful setting with electric for the boat!