We left our floatilla of six in Seneca to get to our last 100 hour service appointment. We were fortunate to have a truck available to us without limitations during our stay. We were able to head over to Heritage Harbor hear Jeremey's detailed briefing about traveling down the rivers through Paducah. Then we took Pam and Vince with us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then a trip to Walmart.

The next day, we set out for a trip to the laundromat, grocery and some exploring in Ottawa with Vince and Pam. We'd hoped that the service would be completed while we were away. We were disappointed to learn that the oil had not arrived and therefore the service had not been completed. We were assured that they oil would be there in the morning.

In the morning, we found that the oil was there, but it was the wrong kind. So we set out in the truck to pick up the right oil ourselves. We had time to stop for breakfast before the oil store opened. When we came out of the restaurant from breakfast, we found a truck that wouldn't start. We were rescued by AAA and a worker from the marina who tightened a few bolts and we were off again to pick up oil.

As we waited in the very comfortable marina office, we watched our friends travel down the river on Nebo. We also tracked the barge traffic in the locks via a website called lockcue. Based on the information in lockcue, we decided to stay another night at Spring Brook Marina. Volare decided to join us. Compass Rose and Hazy Lil Thing also pulled into the marina for the night. We also met Bob and Mary Kay on Pilar, a looper boat that was in the marina for repairs. We were all preparing to leave the next morning to continue heading south down the river. Tony arranged for us to have the van that night and a group of us, Pilar and Volare and us, piled in the van and headed to the Corn Festival in the town nearby. We walked the streets, ate corn on the cob dipped in butter, fried corn dogs and vegetables. We met the Corn Queen and her court and found the beer tent where Tammy from the marina office was volunteering on behalf of her son's baseball team. It was a fun evening with new and old Looper friends.