After a full day of travel on the river, we stopped at the Joliet Wall at the Bicentennial Park in Joliet, made famous as a necessary stop on the Loop after Chicago and by some recent shenanigans at the wall that makes some loopers feel unsettled and unsafe about staying there. We tied up the boat securely, looping lines back to the boat instead of just around the cleats at the dock. Then we looped a lock around the boat so that if our lines were tampered with overnight, we wouldn't float down the river. We were tied up with RAMBLR, Stardust and Greta Lynn.

We headed off toward downtown with Vince and Pam and had a yummy meal at the Joliet Tavern. $8 martinis and Tony and I shared the steak sandwich and house-made chips with truffle and parmesan and a wedge salad.

After dinner we wandered back to our boat and found a fifth boat tied up along the wall, Dorothy Gale. We wandered around the park and found Wendy's for a new strawberry Frostie.

In the morning, we found a sixth boat had joined us, High Life, with 2 dogs and 2 kids.