We definitely aren't in south Florida anymore! Proof by the landscape of today's trek up the ICW - the lack of high rises and big fancy homes and boats one right after another and the presence of more mangroves and more wildlife. It was a nice quiet ride. The past few days has brought us sun most of the day and a burst of sudden sprinkles that only last a few minutes. More dolphins swimming in the distance today too.

Once we got into the marina at Cocoa Village we had a chance to rinse off the boat and get settled before being picked up by Blanchester friends Melissa and Phil Snyder who live in the area, Melbourne Beach to be exact. They also took us to Publix after dinner to pick up a few things!

The next day we were up early in anticipation of a space launch across the way at Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center. We gathered on the lawn to watch the launch with a few other folks (200+ people) to watch a Falcon rocket take satellites into space. It was pretty amazing, as was the rest of the day exploring the space center. What a debt of gratitude I felt for scientists today. Their knowledge of how things work and problem solving is incredible and make my life easier in ways I don't often consider!