We left Bobcaygeon for Fenelon Falls pretty early in the morning with hopes of getting electricity on the lock wall for the day and night. We were successful! We tied up, plugged in, and set about exploring the town and anticipating the arrival of Jack and Vickie on Sojourn. Several other Loopers showed up before them, including Smile with the Rising Sun, Charmed, New Chapter, Her Idea, Nice Goin, 4th Dimension, and likely others that I just can't recall! Sojourn eventually arrived and it was so good to see Jack and Vickie again! We didn't know how long we would be traveling together, but it would be fun while it lasted. Everyone gathered for dock tales on the picnic tables near the boats and visitors center. We'd gone to an early dinner before dock tales with Jack and Vickie at The Locker overlooking the falls.

The next day, we did some boat chores in the morning, made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and then decided to try to play golf. With no Uber or taxi service in the area, we walked a little more than a mile to the golf course carrying our clubs. We then walked 9 holes, with Tony winning the round by 7 strokes, and Karen won 2 of the 9 holes and we tied 1 hole. Sweet Jean brought us back to the boat, a grandma who had dropped off her grandchildren to play golf. We met Mary and Gary from Volare walking along the street around dinner, so we invited them to join Jack and Vickie and us at the Cow and the Sow. Afterwards, Gary and Mary rode their dingy back to their boat at the Rosedale Lock and we waited until dark to watch the movie in the park nearby, Grease. It was fun dancing in my seat and singing along to the familiar songs in this movie. We're really enjoying being with Jack and Vickie again and meeting so many other loopers along the way.