As we made our way early in the morning from Fenelon Falls to Kirkfield, a very short distance to the next lock, we arrived early enough to tie up and take a shower at the lock station before the lock opened. We later paid $3 for the shower when the lock attendants arrived for work. We were invited to go through the first lockage, leaving Smile with the Rising Sun to wait and lock through the next round. In the lock, we recognized Patti and Scott, two of the Canadians that we'd met at the bonfire at Lovesick. We stopped to get gas and a pump out at the Rosedale Marina and found Patti and Scott at their home marina. They invited us to tour their boat and we gave them a tour of ours. We then continued on our way to Kirkfield, the second largest hydraulic lift lock on the Trent. We tied up for the night at the bottom of the lock without electricity just as the rain started. Later in the day, as the sun cleared, Volare arrived and tied up behind us and invited us to their boat for dock tales and snacks. It was a lovely evening where we met David and Nan from Dove, a couple from Edinburgh Scotland.