We woke up the next morning and took our time with french toast for breakfast. We left around 9am and headed up the inside New Jersey ICW from the Atlantic City to Great Kills, NY. We traveled through the shallow waters of the NJ ICW careful to stay in the channel and away from less than 3 feet of water. We were mostly successful and no one ran aground. We traveled behind Currently and in front of Superior Passage. At Barnegat Inlet, we went out the inlet and into the ocean. Bruce from Currently planned our route and our timing to a tee! We only had a hour or so of rocking and rolling and wind and then the wind died down and the ocean turned to class. It was really an amazing cruise into New York. As we arrived in the marina at Great Kills, we were greeted by the crews of Betty Gail (Chris and Roger) and Compass Rose (Jackie and Tsali) and Tricia Ann (Tim and Wendy). Currently arrived soon after us. Everyone had followed our progress on Nebo and were celebrating our safe arrival after a long day of cruising. The next day, we went to breakfast with Tricia Ann and Currently. While we were walking back to the marina, we came upon this film crew filming a series for Hulo called Saint X, based on a book with the same title.When we returned to the dock, we found It's OK 2 (Kyle and Ed) and soon The Perch (Kim and Michael) arrived. We decided to remain at the dock another day. We used the extra time to rest and plan our trip into New York City and beyond. Karen and Kim got a good walk in before a docktails gathering with other Loopers. Then we enjoyed a great Italian dinner with Kim and Michael.