What an amazing experience it was to cruise by the Statue of Liberty in our boat! We cruised with Currently, Bruce and Maggie from Delaware City through New York City. We cruised into New York Harbor with the Naval Fleet Week parade. We were approached by the police boats letting us know that we were close to the security area and to move away a bit. Kim Russo texted and told us that she was watching us on the webcam nearby! We were delayed a bit by all of the pomp and circumstance of the parade and arrived at Liberty Landing around 9am. We quickly secured the boat and set off for the ferry that would take us to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Whilst in New York City, we made a stop at Ellis Island and Grand Central Station. At Ellis Island, we took a short guided tour with a ranger/volunteer who shared with us that the tile work in both the grand registry room at Ellis Island and Grand Central Station were done during the same time period (1918) by the same designer, Rafael Guastavino. I also got to sit on a bench in the registry room. I like to think that maybe my grandfather sat on that bench (or one like it) when he was a small child coming to America for the first time with his mother and small sister. I also like to think that maybe Lady Liberty offered them a spark of hope that the best was yet to come.

Our trip to the 911 reflection pools in New York City and to the memorial at Liberty Landing in Jersey City were beautiful and sad. There are white roses at the names of people celebrating heavenly birthdays that day. No matter where you stand around the reflection pools, you can not see the bottom of the falling water. So many names. Never to be forgotten.

On Thursday, we spent the day walking and walking and walking around New York! We started our day in Jersey City, NJ where we docked the boat at Liberty Landing Marina. We took the ferry over to Brookfield Place in Manhatten and walked to the 911 memorial, then to City Hall Park, Wall Street, Clinton Castle, Bowling Green, and then off to get a slice of Bleecker Street Pizza and then to the High Line and then to Time Square. Then it was time to have a snack at Junior's, cheesecake of course! And then we walked to Grand Central Station to take in the crowds and architecture and catch a ride back down to the ferry. We were exhausted and so taken by all that we'd seen during the day.

One my favorite things about NYC is the are that surrounds you constantly!

Our visit to Wall Street did not disappoint!