We arrived mid-afternoon to the Benjamin Islands and found our buddy boat, Volare, anchored and waiting for us to raft with them. We also found Pivot anchored nearby. We quickly changed into our swimming clothes as the sun was warm and the cool water inviting. As we swam, Jennifer and Elliot paddled up on their paddle boards, along with their dog Ollie. They invited us to try out their boards and eventually left on them to get their dinghy to bring them back over for us to try. I loved it and was thrilled when Tony agreed to give them a try. Jennifer and Elliot took the dinghy back to their boat with plans to return after getting a bite to eat for a bonfire and to retrieve their paddle boards. We enjoyed nachos and dip with Mary and Gary aboard Volare. Just as we were about to get into a card game, Jennifer and Elliot came by on their dinghy full of firewood. We hopped into Volare's dinghy with their dog Riddley and followed Jennifer and Elliot to the rocks across the bay for the bonfire. The guys had fun searching for more wood and dragging big logs and limbs to the fire, tossing them on and watching the flames climb higher and higher. At one point a mouse crawled out of a hollowed log that had just been thrown onto the fire. There was shrieking and Elliot made quick work of saving him from the fire. We sat around on blankets and in chairs talking about adventure, how we got into boating and doing the loop, and how difficult it sometimes is to explain the day to day with family and friends. We ended the evening watching a spectacular sunset and dowsing the fire with water. Days like this help us appreciate to good times that await us at the end of our loop.