It feels as if our loop is starting to close, and at the same time it seems that it’s getting better and better making new memories and sharing new and wonderful experiences with other loopers. We left Killarney with Volare and Nice Goin and headed to Mary Ann Cove in Baie Fine in the North Channel of Lake Ontario in Canada. We arrived shortly after noon. The two bigger boats each put down a bow anchor and then tied their sterns to a tree along the shore line. We rafted to Volare, tying two lines onto their boat, one at the stern and one at the bow. We all took time to have a bite to eat before heading out for a hike to find Lake Topaz.

Everyone hopped in our boat, tied up a dinghy in the back to tow along with us as we headed out seven miles to find The Pool and the Lake Topaz trail. We dropped an anchor in The Pool and climbed into the dinghy. We saw a huge snapping turtle in the water as we exited the dingy and headed up the rocky trail to find Lake Topaz tucked away on top of a mountain, left behind by glaciers years ago. We hiked through a pine forest and found it. Ken had his drone camera with him to help capture the moment. We headed back to our boat waiting for us on anchor.

We returned to Mary Ann Cove where we would stay for the night, enjoying a swim, then dinner on Volare, and a good night’s sleep before heading out in the morning. It was so much fun in such a beautiful place! We all headed to Little Current together.