It was a very foggy morning when we woke early at the mouth of the Okatuppa Creek. We were just 4 miles from the famous Bobby's Fish Camp where we knew a group of Looper boats would be tied up, rafted and rising early to go through the last lock on the river journey, the Coffeyville Lock. We wanted to be with them. So we started off early in the clearing fog, following closely behind Soulmate. It wasn't long before we couldn't see Soulmate's navigation light and we found ourselves disoriented on the river. With a call to Soulmate on the VHF and a trip for Karen out onto the bow, we were on our way following along the right bank of the river. Karen was seated on the bow, directing Tony through the fog. Soulmate hailed us on the VHF periodically to make sure of our progress and sometimes warn us of a log or a stump on the right bank. It took us about an hour to make it to Bobby's and then another few minutes to fuel up. We were right with the other boats, headed to the last lock and then down the river to anchor/raft with Soulmate another night. Karen could be seen in her winter coat and toboggan for much of the chilly morning, but it warmed up later in the day. Along the way, we watched the landscape of the river change and prepare us for the sandy beaches that awaited us on the Gulf coast. Once rafted up to Soulmate for the night, we tried out the oven on Long Recess for the first time, making a loaf of crusty bread to take to dinner on Soulmate, elk tenderloin steaks on the grill. Our anchorage was along the Tensaw River, a lovely anchorage off the main channel. During the night, there was a bit more lapping of water against the hull of the boat that woke us up, but we were soon back to sleep. The newly bled fuel line on the generator seems to have done the trick and the generator is running fine. Karen has her morning coffee, so all is right with the world. No fog on this second morning of anchoring!