We returned to Demopolis after a quick trip home to celebrate Patty and Truman's 50 years of service to the Owensville Easter Star! The day back in Demopolis included boat organization, cleaning, lunch at a good ole southern BBQ joint called Smokin' Jack's, grocery shopping, making sure to get a pump out, catching up with other loopers who were now docked at KingFisher, and attending a captains' meeting to discuss plans to leave tomorrow. We were anxious about the upcoming nights on anchor, as well as the long days to get from anchor spot to anchor spot. We saw Felicia and Nelson from Toledo Beach at the afternoon captains' meeting and reacquainted with Soulmate (who we'd met in Clifton), Silver Linings, and others. Soulmate invited us to raft with them during the next few days as we traveled south, a welcomed invitation, yet it did not give us practice with our own anchor.

The captain built the route the evening before after attending the captains' meeting. We woke up early the next morning to check the weather for thunderstorms and fog. We woke to find no thunderstorms or fog, so we set out early, 6:30 am, with 11 other boats - Salty, Riverie, Freedom, In Custody, Just Another Day, and Lucky Me - just to name a few. We rafted with Moxie, a family on a sailboat as we went through the Demopolis Lock. We followed along behind Soulmate, Bob and Diane, all day as we continued down the river, now the Black Warrior River. We saw 7 barges, several dredging projects, a young eagle, and 3 alligators! One of the alligators was either dead and decaying or an albino alligator. There was a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day and even some short rain showers. Karen kept looking for a rainbow! Around 4pm, just before dark, we reached the mouth of the Okatuppa Creek were Soulmate decided that the main channel of the river near the creek would make for a good anchorage for the night. We watched Soulmate drop anchor and then rafted up alongside them. They invited us to dinner, a yummy bowl of elk chili and cornbread. We brought a charcuterie plate that included Danny's spicy venison! They also served us fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! We were back on our boat and tucked in bed by 8pm! We slept great!