We arrived in Oxford early afternoon and secured the boat and hopped on bikes to explore the town. Despite getting caught in the rain, we had a delightful time. Oxford is a quaint town with beautiful old homes with picket fences. The Strand is a road that parallels the Tred Avon River. The marina that we stayed at took us straight down the Strand toward town. There's a ferry that goes over to Bellvue, a shortcut to St. Michaels. We road bikes through town and stopped to take pictures of the decorated picket fences placed throughout the town. We stopped into the 1710 Robert Morris Inn and Tavern and the General Store where they sell wine, homemade pies, deli sandwiches, and various grocery items. There are a few shops and restaurants and of course an ice cream parlor with homemade ice cream that we had to try. The marina had a very nice boater lounge with a television and accomodations for cooking. We took snacks up to the lounge and spent some time there just relaxing and catching up on some things. The next morning we took a walk around town before preparing to leave for Annapolis.