We had a great long weekend in Annapolis, after we navigated the fog through the Chesapeake Bay. We delayed leaving Oxford, giving the fog time to move off the Bay. We must not have waited long enough! Thankfully our radar was working and we could see the huge ships in the Bay as we approached them. And thankfully they were anchored and not moving. Tony turned off the radar, thinking that we were close and didn't need it any more. However, we soon found ourselves in the middle of a sailing regatta with no less than 30 sailboats surrounding us! We managed to dodge the sailboats and find our way to our marina and slip.

Once we were tied up and had completed the necessary steps to settling into a marina, we headed to historical downtown Annapolis in search of a late lunch. We enjoyed the food and atmosphere of Chick and Ruth's before heading out to walk around and see what we could find. First we found ice cream of course. Then we found the catholic church and wandered in for Saturday mass.

On Sunday, we met Looper friends Lisbeth and Hubert for brunch in the eastside neighborhood at Boatyard Bar and Grill and then visited the Maritime Museum. Hubert opted to return to his boat, Tinn, for a nap, while Lisbeth opted to join us for a walk around Annapolis. We visited the State House, the oldest state house in the nation in the city that was once the capital of the colonial states. We checked out the tall ships festival in town and the found ice cream, again.

On Monday, we wandered around town and stopped in at the Iron Rooster to try the homemade poptarts. Se tried the lemon. Then we stopped into the Episcopal church and the Catholic church, two very different styles of churches and both beautiful. We met Lisbeth and Hubert for happy hour at Middleton's Tavern, a historical pub.

On Tuesday, we met Hubert and Lisbeth and went to the Naval Academy together. The Naval Academy was one of the highlights of our time in Annapolis. We were overwhelmed by the patriotism, hard work, and dedication of the cadets and staff. It was one of Tony's favorite days of the trip so far. We look forward to touring West Point later in the trip. For now, Go Goats! We enjoyed a tour and lunch on the Yard before saying goodbye to them as they prepared to head to Baltimore the next day and us to Delaware City.