We left early in the morning with the fog still lifting off the water as we headed to the lock with several other looper boats, including Volare. We traveled past Henry and onto Peoria where we would meet up with Pam and Vince one more time before they headed north to the UP to visit Pam's family for a few weeks. When we arrived at the marina in Peoria, we were also met by Kathy Steiny, a woman I'd met via Kathy in a Zoom Bible study during COVID. Kathy came to the boat and toured the boat and hung out and chatted while I baked biscuits and a quiche for dinner. We took our dinner to the outdoor seating area of the marina and met Vince and Pam and Mary and Gary for one last meal. Kathy was leaving for vacation in the morning and so she needed to leave right after dinner to finish packing. We boarded Mary and Gary's boat one last time for a game of right/left/center and a little beer! We're looking forward to seeing these friends again someday!