We headed out of Peoria and looked forward to meeting up with Blondie again. They'd not been able to get a marina slip in Peoria and so they'd anchored out nearby. We met up with them as we approached the Peoria Lock and then tied up on the docks at Kuchie's as we waited for the lock repair. We ended up waiting there for 4.5 hours and finally got locked through. We'd planned a long day of travel with Blondie to Logsdon Tug Service for the night. Instead, we anchored and rafted with Blondie at the edge of Quiver Island anchorage, along with most of the other looper boats that we traveled with that day. Bill and Sue invited us aboard their boat for a drink after we got settled for the night. The sun went down quickly soon after we settled in for the night. We took snacks with us and enjoyed getting to know Sue and Bill and look forward to continuing to travel with them down the river.