As Karen woke the next morning, she continued to wonder if we would ever see the crew of Tinn again on the loop, convinced that their damage from going aground would delay them considerably. A little after 9am, we entered the lock as planned with 8 other boats! It was a party in there with boats rafted 3 across, filling the lock.

We'd planned to go to Ottawa and then heard from Tinn that they were on their way and planning to stay at the Chateau Montebello Marina. This was a stop that we'd hoped to make and didn't mind making a short day of it and delaying our arrival into Ottawa by a day. We arrived at the Chateau's marina mid-afternoon with time to sit by the pool and have a drink before greeting Tinn and having a BBQ dinner with them. It was a sweet unexpected surprise!

The next morning, we slept a bit late, went for a walk around the grounds, did some laundry, did some boat work that included defrosting the freezer, and getting on our way late morning. It was lovely!