We'd planned to go through Carillon Lock and keep cruising to Montebello. As we cruised through Saint Ann Lock, several miles north of the Carillon Lock, we found a vibrant town with municipal docks full of boaters. It might have been a fun stop. But we continued on, following Tinn. Once through the lock, we moved out and into the waters on the other side of the lock with more wind and more waves and boats coming towards us ready to enter the locks. Tinn moved to the left of the channel seeing enough depth on the charts. However, he hit bottom and felt damage under the boat. So he turned around, tied up to the wall, with the wind and the waves. We weren't able to tie up with them due to the wind and waves and so they encouraged us to keep going with hopes of us meeting up together again. It was a sad moment as we moved on and left them to figure out what to do next. Karen wondered if we would ever see the crew of Tinn on the Loop as their repairs to their boat might take a while and we would be far ahead of them, too far for them to catch up. We'd expected to travel with them a bit longer as we had some of the same hopes for destinations on the Rideau Canal.

We reached Carillon Lock with time to go through, but with little time to go on from there. Reading that the north side of the lock wall was a better spot for an overnight stay than the south, we opted to tie up with plans to go through the lock in the morning around 9am when it opened.