We left Columbus Marina not realizing what an exciting day we'd have! First, the sun came up and was shining bright and warm! A welcomed blessing after several days of cold and rain. It turned out to be a day of firsts! We topped 1,000 miles in the trip. We saw our first random phone booth along the river. The story goes that it was salvaged from the river. We traveled with our first 125 foot yacht called Mimi for part of the day. She's been owed by the Hubbard family since 1977. The Hubbard family own some TV and radio stations...and a big beautiful boat! We slept our first time rafted next to another boat (with Tasha and Dave on Now and Then) in a cove in the river overnight. They had their anchor out and we were tied up to them. We also met Bob and Amanda on Sniper's Hide and rode in their dingy to a small happy hour on two other boats anchored in the oxbow. We didn't know then we good friends Bob and Amanda and Tasha and Dave would become during our time on the Loop.