We arrived in Delaware City Marina on Wednesday with plans to stay one night. Forever Young was docked with us at the marina. We were the only ones who attended the weather briefing at 4pm at the marina and realized that we'd be staying another night. The winds were reported to be pretty unpredictable the next day in the Delaware Bay. The next day we spent some time exploring the town and awaiting the arrival of a bunch more Looper boats. We did some laundry and caught up on a few projects. The crew of about 10 Looper boats attended the 4pm meeting and left feeling good about going the next day at first light, about 5:15am. We enjoyed an evening meal together at Kathy's. The crew of Long Recess made an early night of it and set the alarm for 3:50am, time for a shower, breakfast and boat prep. In the morning, preparing a final cup of coffee for the morning cruise, Tim, the dock master tapped on the window and shared with us that the winds had changed and he advised us not to go. Everyone on the dock remained on the dock except It's Ok 2; they decided to go on. They reported back to us around 9am that all was good on the water for them as they approached the Cape May canal. It's hard to go against the local knowledge of Tim the dock master, but we do wonder if we could have made it, especially going along with another boat. We'll see what happens tomorrow.