We left early in the morning from Colchester and headed north into Canada with Lisbeth and Hubert on Tinn! We arrived to the boarder ahead of Tinn. At the boarder station, two officers asked us about our intentions in Canada, the contents on board, like how much alcohol and whether we had weapons and firearms. They decided to board our boat to inspect it. We'd seen the boat before us go by with no inspection. We must look suspicious!

Once in Canada, we tied up to a lock wall in Saint Jean. We walked around a bit, to the ice cream store and down to the lock and decided to lock through that day and tie up for the night on the other side, along with Tinn. We rested and headed to an Italian restaurant nearby with Tinn. We found the town to be very pedestrian friendly with lots of art and greenery in the town along the canal. When we returned to the boat after dinner, we found a double rainbow in the sky and enjoyed a glass of wine with Lisbeth and Hubert in the cockpit on Tinn. It was a great first day in Canada.