Like in Saint Jean, we found pedestrians and bikers all along the way, using the bike path along the canal and watching us lock through on bridges at the locks. It was a great day of meeting friendly people, sharing popsicles with Canada park staff, and meandering up the canal. We tied up to a wall before the Chambly stair-step lock waiting for the bridge to open. Then we tied up at the bottom of the stair-step to wait for a Parks Canada employee to bring Hubert his hat that he'd left back in Saint Jean. The area of the Chambly basin looked lovely and full of fun and sun and boats. We kept going to get through the Saint Ours lock and tie up there for the night. It turned out to be a quiet and lovely spot with camping space along the river. Tony splurged and bought us each a shower ($3 Canadian) at the campsite.

In the morning, as we got underway, we learned that our batteries were being challenges by two nights in a row of free lock walls without electric hook up. As we got underway, with low battery levels, not all of the electronics that Tony needs and relies on would turn on. We went a few miles, about an hour, to a gas spot and stopped for gas to assess the situation. After we got gas, our voltage seemed to be climbing so we continued on. The issued resolved itself and a conversation with Scott Mook helped us come up with ideas of possible causes and possible solutions moving forward, the first being to lower the refrigerator temperature in the inside fridge and turn off the cockpit fridge when we are unplugged overnight.