As we turned down the Saint Lawerence Seaway, we encountered large ships and industrial scenery. As we arrived closer to Montreal, we could see the skyline through the overcast skies. As we got closer and closer to the city, we also saw the current increase, going against us as speeds ranging from 1-6mph. This made the going a bit slower than we'd anticipated. We arrived in the Old Port Marina around 3pm and did the few chores that we needed to do before exploring the area around the marina.

We found an Inside Out Project inspired by the artist JR, the same artist that inspired the Wilmington GRIT project when Karen was a principal at Denver. She was pretty excited! She was also excited to learn that there's a Chinatown in Montreal and so we went there for dinner. There's a jazz festival in town too.

We spent more time walking the streets in Montreal, visiting the Notre Dame Basilica for a tour and again for mass one morning, wandered in and out of art galleries, admire the architecture of the old city, and celebrated Hubert's birthday from Tinn! It was a great 3 nights in a wonderful city! And then it was time to move on down the river!